At JTech we will convert your cars engine with a more powerful or modern maintainable engine. We modify the engine to fit the car. Popular engine conversions are; It doubles the power of the engine, it is cost effective, it is designed and c

Brake & Clutch Repairs Full replacement service on your vehicles brakes and clutch are done by us.  At our workshop our technicians will inspect if your vehicle needs adjustment on the clutch cable and top up brake fluid. Mobile Disc Skimm

Our highly trained technicians will carry out all engine management diagnostic services.  All engine light fault codes, service indicator lights and repairs can be located with our computer technical equipment. Main dealer diagnostic equipment

 Full vehicle service is available which includes air filters, fuel filters, oil filters and oil change, cabin filters, wiper replacements, cam belt and timing belts, A/C repairs and refills, engine overhauls. As specialists we know the importa

Repairs on all makes including Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Mercedes, Toyota, Mazda, Isuzu, Kia, Colt, Opel, Daihutsu, Jeep, Peugeot gearboxes and differentials are done by us. Our prices are very competitive and if your existing gearbox can

 For the best prices on starter and alternator repairs, reconditioned and exchange unites. The parts used for starters and alternators are very reliable - brushes, bearings, brush holders with brushes, regulators and rectifiers are of high qual

How to make a valuable investment in the vehicle you own. Service your car every 15 000 km.  By servicing your vehicle frequently you automatically increase the value of your vehicle. At JTECH Service & Repair Centre you will get top adv

Replacement or reconditioning done on suspensions, steering racks, rack ends, ball joints, control arm bushes, stabilizer bar bushes, shocks, cv-joints, wheel bearings and wheel cylinders. It is of great importance to ensure that your vehicles suspe