Full vehicle service is available which includes air filters, fuel filters, oil filters and oil change, cabin filters, wiper replacements, cam belt and timing belts, A/C repairs and refills, engine overhauls.

As specialists we know the importance of regular servicing your vehicle.

Because JTech is a member of the RMI (Retail Motor Industry Organisation) we are able to stamp your service history book.  

Regular servicing extends the engine life and performance on your vehicle, it reduces the potential for failure of major components, and you will save in the long run not paying for costly break downs.

You can improve the value of your vehicle by regularly servicing your car.

At JTech we will check the A/C for leaks and repair, adjust and test the A/C to be in tip top shape all year round.

When your vehicle performs poorly we will flush the cooling system to prevent expensive and un-necessary repairs. We will replace the old coolant so that the cooling system can give you optimum results.

When you neglect to service your vehicle regularly, sludge and other deposits builds up and the engine stops to perform.