Our highly trained technicians will carry out all engine management diagnostic services.  All engine light fault codes, service indicator lights and repairs can be located with our computer technical equipment.

Main dealer diagnostic equipment is used for diagnosing and repairing problems - for instance starting problems, idling problems, high fuel consumption and many more. 

The VDS enables you to do a live data test on all the input components of the vehicle thus reducing the time and cost spent to test and diagnose faulty sensors.

Service warning lights is an important part of the care and maintenance that your vehicle needs at the specific mileage.

 Faulty sensors like oxygen sensors will increase your fuel consumption by at least 30 %.

Faulty air mass meters will increase fuel consumption by at least 45 %.

Faulty temperature sensors can increase fuel consumption by up to 70 %.

Our diagnostic equipment will interpret faulty codes long before warning lights appear on the instrument cluster.  We are able to repair your vehicle before damage is done.

Because we specialize in Volkswagen and Audi, we spend less time on diagnosing faults and that reduces money spent on your vehicle.